Port forwarding

Экспедирование в портуPort forwarding of cargo transported by water is an essential step in marine transportation. With these companies are constantly faced with foreign suppliers.

Freight forwarding in the port includes whole complex of services.

First, there is paperwork required for submission to the customs. This invoice, packing list and bill of lading. Proper preparation of all these forms for fast, without difficulty, passing customs control.


The company, which provides freight forwarding services, self-interacts with all control authorities: customs, sanitary, various examinations, port services. She pays the required ports.

The next step is to receive the goods.

The company controls the forwarding quality, completeness and weight of the delivered goods, the order provides transport for further shipment to its destination, draws up the necessary permits for entry to the port and export of cargo from the terminal.

As a general rule, goods are transported by sea in containers. Upon receipt of the goods to be delivered to the place of loading for ground transportation, then the container should be freed to return back to port. In addition, the handling of ground transportation often requires packaging of cargo into a new container. It also assumes the company engaged in the port forwarding.

In addition, there are many different approvals and conditions precedent that may be required for certain types of cargo, for example, if the cargo is classified as hazardous or requires special handling during shipment.

Fast and accurate fulfillment of all these numerous operations necessary in order to avoid unexpected delays in sea transportation. This is especially important for perishable goods that simply can not wait to be dealt with a variety of bureaucratic delays.

But what if you do not get, and vice versa, send the goods by sea?

Then the process is much the same but in reverse order: it is necessary to deliver the cargo to the terminal, go through customs, get permission to load, order a container, place all the necessary documents for export, attach supporting documentation of the nature of the cargo and its transportation requirements, and so on. In this case, must also be competent forwarding.

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