Cargo transportation in their own wagons

Предоставление собственных вагоновKeep your own wagons park for rail can afford not every company that sends or receives goods. In this case, shippers are forced to use wagons owned by the railroad. It's not always convenient.

  • First, amount of rolling stock fleet belonging to the Ministry of Railways, not enough to satisfy all the needs of rail freight. It means that the free wagons necessary to you type corresponding to type of goods carried, may simply not be available, and you'll have to expect to free transport.
  • Secondly, you have to pay penalties for demurrage of a car during loading and unloading.

So much easier and cheaper to apply to the transportation company, has an opportunity to provide you with the necessary number wagons of a suitable type. In this case, the railway services will be paid at the rate of "transport services in private or rented wagons of the shipper or consignee."

Thus, depending on the amount and frequency of traffic, you can choose one of two options.

  • For those who need to send goods there is seldom a good fit service cargo delivery wagons of the transport company. In this case you pay only for the carriage of cargo to particular destinations. You absolutely do not care about how carriages then come back and where they will stay up as long as you do not need to re-take something somewhere. These questions are decided by our company. And while you can be certain that the required number of wagons will come to the place of loading agreed in the contract terms.
  • If you constantly use rail, but buy their own wagons for these purposes do not have the financial ability, then a good solution would be to rent cars. The lease is for a period of six months or more. During this time, you can use the rented part, without restriction as to transport their cargo, and for providing transportation services to your customers. Conveniently, all work on the planned repair of the leased vehicles in accordance with the rules of the owner of the rental car performs. The duties of the lessee is only to maintain cleanliness, completeness and current status of railcars.

Our company is the operator of freight cars of different owners, we are ready to give you both for a single freight and long-term lease. Having direct contracts, long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the owners of rolling stock, a growing number of business partners allow us to provide high quality services at more than competitive rates.

We offer different types of cars:

  • Universal box cars of different sizes and capacity;
  • Open wagons for transportation of containers and cargo, not in need of protection from exposure to the atmosphere;
  • Wagons for the transportation of bulky goods;
  • Railroad tank cars for transportation of liquids.


Geographical location of the company dictates basic direction of activity in the area operate their own rolling stock. This service stations port Avtovo, Novy Port and Ust Luga. We are also engaged in supply of cars for all intercity stations, and, on request, to any station, a huge network of Russian railways.

In order to specify character of the cars and the dimensions of transported cargo.