Logistic services

Logistic servicesLogistic services include a range of actions to ensure the efficiency of transportation, which is characterized by speed of delivery, the safety of cargo and minimal costs. If large amounts of freight (shipping of various types of raw materials, finished products shipped from the factory to the place of sale, and so on), then the proper organization of the movement of these goods is absolutely necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise as a whole. A professional logistician capable to save the company millions of costs, whereas in the absence of a competent logistics extra costs are inevitable.


Logistic services include several related aspects

  • Allocate such direction as warehouse logistics. It is the organization easy storage of goods, access to the necessary items in stock, forming, packaging and labeling of shipping units, providing information on the amount of inventory in stock, making all the necessary documents to account for the movement of goods in the warehouse.
  • Another direction - transport logistics. It involves taking goods from the sender, the formation of cargoes, loading, labeling, delivery of cargo to destination by different modes of transport, support of the road, taking the cargo to its destination, making all the necessary documents, including customs, if the transport associated with the intersection boundaries, tracking goods in transit.

For long-distance transport may need to use different modes of transport, for example, delivery of cargo in wagons by railway to the port terminal, further transportation by sea, then transported by rail from the port of destination to the warehouse of the addressee. In this case it is particularly important to the proper execution of all travel documents and tracking of cargo, or it may be lost or delayed during transfer from one mode to another.

Logistic services of our company will help you to avoid any trouble, even in the case of such complex tasks. We provide ground transportation, mostly by train in their own wagons, as well as provide services in expediting in the port, thus providing full control over the movement of goods entrusted to us.

Additional effort required logistics transportation of oversized or overweight loads, since there must also choose wisely as the vehicle itself, as well as the route to follow, allowing the transport of such objects. This trend is also well mastered by our specialists. And since the greatest capacity for carriage of such goods has rail, the ability of our company to rail transport on its own forces significantly reduce your expenses for logistics services.

So, if you care to materials or goods that you send and receive, appeared at the right time in the right place with minimum costs, contact our company.