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Экспедирование, транспортировка и перевозка грузов, вагонов, контейнеров

AMK Logistik

Our company exists since 2010 and professionally engaged in logistics, in all its manifestations. The emergence of the company was a logical continuation of uninterrupted work in the field of logistics for more than eight years. Past experience, well-established communication and amount projects completed successfully enabled us to start, and has now developed considerably, a successful business based on an individual approach to each client. We provide all types of cargo both in Russia and internationally, using the whole arsenal of existing methods of transportation.

Expert approach to solving logistical problems, not only provides a reduction in transport costs, and accelerate business processes, and thus a more rapid return on working capital. That's why working with logistic professionals ensures a high level of any business, where shipping played a major role, a significant competitive advantage.

Understanding the importance of all these moments, makes every effort to provide our customers with the highest level of service. We employ professionals with more than a decade of experience. We have well studied the specifics of the types of transportation used by our clients, and are ready for any eventuality, should they arise in the course of work.

The main directions of our services include:

  • Port forwarding. Meet or send the goods delivered by sea, to track their safety, to ensure that all necessary formalities at the customs, to organize terrestrial delivery to the terminal or from it, organize our specialists.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo. It is easy to deliver the cargo, when he fits in standard containers, wagons or trucks. And here is such objects, as the caterpillar machinery, industrial equipment and other bulky or long cargoes require a very careful individual approach: how to drive, how to place, how to fasten, where the drive and so on. For each such case our experts will find the optimal solution.
  • Provision of own car. In the carriage of goods by rail - the most reliable and economical way for bulk cargo - there is always a need to not only find the right car, but to make it on time and at market value. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with the right amount of the appropriate type of cars and put them under the boot to the specified location in the shortest possible time. For stations Avtovo and N.Port in the cost of services for the cars is setting the car on the way required by the client desired port in compliance with the filing of the time interval in order to avoid unnecessary downtime days in the ways of the owner of infrastructure.

You can get detailed advice on all these services from our operators, as well as familiarize yourself with our pricelist.